Taking the road to recovery

Cushing’s disease is a serious condition. Diagnosis can often be a complicated process, and sometimes a person may feel a little overwhelmed and stressed by what he or she is going through. However, there are reasons to feel encouraged about the road ahead.1,2

The diagnostic process

It can take a long time for many people to be accurately diagnosed. That’s because Cushing’s disease is easy to mistake for other conditions. Cushing’s disease has many of the same signs and symptoms as other conditions (such as diabetes and osteoporosis), which are commonly diagnosed and treated as the primary condition. If Cushing’s disease is the underlying cause of another condition, it often requires more time and effort to diagnose.3

Many signs and symptoms can be reduced…but it takes some time

The signs and symptoms of Cushing’s disease can be very distressing. Changes in appearance and an increasing decline in health can impact quality of life.

Talking to a doctor about what to expect during the recovery period and how to handle lingering symptoms can be very helpful.

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